Show Times 2-23-18 to 3-01-18

Winchester (PG13) 1hr 39mins
The House That Ghosts Built                                                                                            Cinema1: Plays On The Main Level
Fri: 4:30, 7:15
Sat: 1:30, 4:30, 7:15
Sun: 1:30, 4:30, 7:15
Mon:-Thu: 4:30, 7:15

Black Panther (PG13) 2hrs 15mins
Cinema2: Plays On The Upper Level
Fri: 4:30(2D) 7:15(3D)
Sat: 1:30(2D) 4:30(2D) 7:15(3D)
Sun: 1:30(2D) 4:30(2D) 7:15(3D)
Mon:-Thu: 4:30(2D) 7:15(3D)

Tommy Tornado deal of $8.00**, gets you a movie ticket,
small drink and small popcorn, for $2.00 dollars more
you can make it a large for free refills!!
** (If movie is 3D, $9.75 for Tommy Tornado deal)

Taylorville Cinema Ticket Prices:
Adult $6.00
Child 8 & Under $5.50
Senior 55 or older $5.50
Kids 3 and under free
Police, Fire & Military get in for child’s price with appropriate ID
If movie is 3D add $1.75 to the ticket price